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HDPE Tarpaulins
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ISI Tarpaulins

We are manufacturing Tarpaulins as per BIS standard IS 7903 : 2011. Many states are giving subsidy to farmers to procure Tarpaulin.

In General following specifications are used in ISI Tarpaulins.

GSM:     250 or 340
Color:   Black
Size:     6 m x 8 m

Breaking Strength, Tear Strength, Puncture Resistance, Water Proofness, Welded Seam Strength, CBC Content all as per IS 7903 : 2011.

We have annual rate contract (RC) with Government of Andhrapradesh, Government of Karnataka, Government of Rajasthan, Government of Gujarat and many Private Institutions.

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HDPE Tarpaulins
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ISI Tarpaulins
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