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HDPE Tarpaulins
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General Purpose Tents
Tents are generally used in camping purpose or anywhere for temporary arrangements. It gives protection from sunlight and rainwater. It can be ready within quick time. With support of Pipe and Strings any size of customized Tents can be made.


Relief Tents
We are also specialized in making material which is mainly used for Relief Tents by NGOs as like UNHCR.  It contains Reinforcement Bands or Printing of LOGO at regular intervals.


                Material :             PE Tarpaulin
                SIZE :                     4 m x 5 m.
                GSM :                    190
                Base Fabric :       BLACK COLOR
                Coating :              WHITE COLOR

High Tear Resistant, Rust Proof Alluminium Eyelets, Printing of LOGO on specific interval as per Norms given by UNHCR or any NGOs.

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