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We are leading Pond Liner Manufacturer in Rajasthan. A Pond Liner is an impermeable Geomembrane used for making artificial pond for water retention, including the lining of lakes, garden ponds and artificial streams. Pond Liners need to be protected from sharp objects (like stones) below the liner and from being punctured by any objects in the water body.

300 Micron Pond Liner / HDPE Geomembrane

We are making Geomembranes as per BIS Standard IS 15351 in two Types as Type – I (300 Microns) and Type – II (500 Microns) in Rainshield Brand. We are empanelled with Many state government like Government of Rajasthan, Government of Karnataka etc. State Governments are giving subsidy to farmers to make artificial ponds.

300 Micron HDPE Geomembrane is a type of high density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane used in different industrial and environmental applications. With a thickness of 300 microns, this geomembrane offers excellent durability and resistance to punctures, tears and UV radiation, making is suitable for long-term applications. One of the key benefits of using 300 Micron HDPE Geomembrane is its Waterproofness, which prevents the leakage of liquids and gases. This makes it an ideal choice for containment systems in landfills, mining operations, agricultural ponds, and wastewater treatment facilities. Its resistance to chemicals and environmental stress cracking further enhances its performance in harsh conditions.

500 Micron Pond Liner / HDPE Geomembrane

The 500 micron HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) Geomembrane is a highly robust and versatile material hugely used in various industries for its exceptional properties. With a thickness of 500 microns, this geomembrane offers robust resistance to punctures, tears, and environmental stress cracking, making it an ideal choice for lining applications. Its high chemical resistance ensures longevity in harsh conditions, including exposure to acids, alkalis, and hydrocarbons.

Pond Liners are manufactured in Rolls. Rolls are welded together on site. They are made of Multi layered material so have High Tensile Strength, Puncture Resistant, UV protection, Hydro Static Resistance and Water Proofness.

300 Micron HDPE Geomembrane manufacturer

300 Micron HDPE Geomembrane

500 Micron HDPE Geomembrane

Pond Liner in Rajasthan

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