About Shree Ambica Geotex Pvt. Ltd.


We are a manufacturer of HDPE Tarpaulins coated with LDPE in “RAINSHIELD” brand and various HD/PP woven sacks used in applications like Fertilizer bags, Cement Bags, Sugar Bags etc.

Our Company manufacturers Tarpaulins of GSM starting from 80 to 500 GSM of multi colored used in various applications like Truck Covers, Relief Tents with Rainforced Bands, Agriculture, Pond Lining, Roof Cover, Vermibed, Covers of Ware House, Tents, etc. We are exporting our products more than 20 countries worldwide.

We are equipped with all production and testing facilities inhouse. Our “RAINSHIELD” brand is registered under BIS with standard of IS 7903 (HDPE Tarpaulins) and IS 15351 (HDPE Woven Geomembrane). We are ISO Certified company and having modern processing technology and well experienced staff to maintain stringent quality standards. Our client retention ratio is more than 95 %.

We are empanelled with many state governments like Government of Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan etc. Successfully supplied materials to Government  / Semi Government institution like Indian Railways, NLC india, GMDC, ONGC, Spices Board of India, Nuclear Power Corporation Limited etc.

We are holding Status of Star Export house. We are exporting 80 GSM Blue, 90 GSM Orange, 120 GSM Green / Silver, 120 GSM Orange / Blue, 160 GSM Orange / Silver, 200 GSM Orange / Silver to OMAN, DUBAI, SAUDI ARABIA, QATAR, KUWAIT, USA, Dominican Republican etc.

HDPE Tarpaulin Manufacturer
PE Tarpaulin Manufacturer in India
HDPE Tarpaulin Manufacturer in India

Our Group of Companies

Shri Ambica Polyfill

We are manufacturer of antifabs (filler compounds) and color masterbatches for various applications like Woven Sack Industry, lamination Plant, Sheet Plants, Blown Film Plants etc.

Our Product portfolio includes Milky Filler, nature Filler, PP based Filler, Color Tinge Filler, Masterbatches of various Colors, Additives like Super Brightener, UV, Blueton etc. used in various application.

With specialized production facility, Professional Management and Excellent Commercial Network we have reached to manufacturing capacity is around 12000 MT. PA.

80 GSM Tarpaulin Manufacturer in India

Sanskar Industries PVT. LTD.

As vast experience in plastic field we have vision of new generation technology. Nonwoven is future medium for packaging of goods. We are manufacturer of Nonwoven Fabric from 15 to 200 GSM. We have also facility of BOPP Lamination used in Rice Bags. We are making Bags as D-Cut Bags, Handle Bags, Boxed Bags, Vest Bags, Shoe Bags with Flexographic Printing and Gravure Printing.

Nonwoven fabrics provide specific functions such as absorbency, liquid repellence, resilience, stretch, softness strength, flame retardancy, washability, cushioning, filtering, use as a bacterial barrier and sterility. They can mimic the appearance, texture and strength of a woven fabric and can be as bulky as the thickest paddings. In combination with other materials they provide a spectrum of products with diverse properties and are used alone or as components of apparel, home furnishing, health care, engineering, industrial and consumer goods.

Diggi Tirpal in Rajasthan

Shree Ambica Polymers

Recycling is a crucial part of saving the world. It is our mortal responsibility to save nature and without recycling it is not possible. We help to save nature with our polymer recycling plant. Plastic is the only material which can be recycled in many stages for many times and use of them will also help us to save cost.

We are manufacturer of R. P. Granules used in application like Lamination, Liner Plants, Sheet Filling Plants, Shoes Making Plants etc. our Specialized products are of colored RP Granules of LDPE used in RP Lamination and Black LD Tarpaulins.

HDPE Yellow Natural Tarpaulin