Woven Sacks

Woven Sacks Manufacturer

Ambica Geotex has a wide range of woven sack product offerings. They are fabricated using superior quality raw material such as PP/HDPE fabric or sheets. The company offers high quality PP woven bags and sacks with tremendous strength and durability. Their attributes differ according to application and the client's requirement. Properties such as water resistance, light weight and strength to handle all kinds of strains have made this product popular among the customers and increasingly replacing jute and paper packing.

Main Application Area of Wovensack Bags are as follows.

  • Fertilizer Bags
  • Cement Bags
  • Sugar Bags
  • General Purpose PP / HDPE Woven Sacks
  • Salt Bags
  • Food Grain Bags (DGS&D or FCI)
  • Flour Bags
Woven Sacks Manufacture
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Fertilizer Bags

It is mainly HDPE Woven Bag Laminated with LDPE. Fertilizer may do chemical reaction with PP material so mostly HDPE materials are used. We can do both side printing.

Cement Bags

Cement Bags can be made from PP Woven Material without any coating. In Cement Packaging material should be Air Permeable so no coating is done on bags. Special Valves are also made for direct filling.

Sugar Bags

It is made from PP Woven sack material with LDPE Liner. Generally it is used for 50 Kgs Packing of sugar. Mostly it is white in color. But, sometimes many sugar companies use Brown color or customized color bags. Generally it is of 150 Gms. Bag.

Customized Rolls / Bags

There are many applications where in bulk packaging these woven sacks are used. We can make any type of customized Bag / Roll as per customer requirement. Customer has to give following specifications.

  • Material : PP / HDPE
  • Coated : Yes / No
  • Mesh :
  • Size of Bag : In Cms / Inches
  • Capacity of Bag :
  • Bottom Stitch : Single / Double
  • Top Hemmed : Yes / No
  • Printing : Single Side / Both Side & How many colors.