Multilayered Agriculture Pipe

Multilayered Agriculture Pipe Manufacturer

As we all know in India 80% of our Economy depends on Agriculture. In Agriculture Irrigation plays vital role. Conventionally we were using Hard HDPE Pipes or Hose Pipes for Agriculture. But now a days technology evolves. We have developed Flexible HDPE Woven pipe which is coated with LDPE consists of 5 Layers gives more flexibility and advantages.

Advantages of HDPE Woven Pipe over conventional Hard HD/LD Pipes.

  • It is made of BIS Standard material as per IS 7903 : 2011.
  • It is so flexible as you can wind or unwind rolls very easily.
  • Higher Puncture Resistant and Bursting Strength.
  • Joining of two pipes or making of Puncture can be done very easily.
  • Economical than Conventional Pipes.
  • Even it can lie easily on uneven level grounds.
  • It won’t tear even if big vehicles or truck passed through it.
multilayered agriculture pipe manufacturer
multilayered agriculture pipe